The Dictator

When looking for style direction you possibly wouldn’t look towards the world’s most notorious leaders. However, Gadaffi, Kim Jong-Un and Saddam Husein may make up in style points what they lack in peaceful tendencies. Combining the fashion of all three, comedian Sasha Baron-Cohen created the ultimate ‘Dictator’ – harking medals, big shades and an even bigger beard. 

This provocative idol has become, in our eyes, an unpredictable style star. Here at CMV we’ve transformed garish governor to ravishing ruler with some bomb-bastic vintage pieces to blow your mind. (No pun intended).

Vintage Badge Hat featuring military badges and pins

Vintage aviator shades with coral detail

Versace black leather boots with gold detail

Yves Saint Laurent amber frame sunglasses

Yves Saint Laurent green linen jacket with detail buttons

The full get up.

*CMV does not endorse evil activity, simply fashion domination.


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